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Writing and speaking academically has a distinctive style; it is objective, formal and precise

What is academic style?


Use of passive voice in academic writing

Intensity or emphasis is created through choice of words


Essay writing

Essays are a common form of assessment in many college disciplines. The ability to construct good essays involves understanding the process and the conventions of essay writing.

An essay is used to assess the strength of your critical thinking and your ability to put that thinking into a persuasive written form

Thinking and Writing


Understanding Rhetorical situation


Developing arguments


Using appropriate language




Creating understandable and coherent paragraphs

Connecting your ideas

Coherence relates to the smooth transition between logical elements of your essay text, including Connectives used in and between sentences as well as those used between paragraphs.

  • • Carefully use transition signals
  • • Check the punctuation after introductory phrases
  • • Write ‘hand-holding’ sentences
Do not expect your reader to make the connection between your ideas, but make those connections explicit. This way, the reader will be lead in a logical order through your argument and will be reminded of your current theme or angle

Effects of Teacher-Student Ratio in Response to Intervention Approaches

Developing focus

  1. Begin your paragraphs with a topic sentence which summarises the main point of the paragraph.
  2. Establish your central topic at the beginning of the sentence, preferably as a subject.
  3. Move from old to new information.
  4. Keep your topics, or the beginning of your sentences, brief and simple, and put complex or detailed information at the end of a sentence.
  5. Place less important information at the start of a sentence and more important information at the end of a sentence.
  6. Clearly emphasise your more important points, and de-emphasise minor supporting points.

The essay writing process

A 6-step process for producing essays


Determine the genre


Analyse the task


Make a plan




Research and write into your plan


Submit the work

  1. Free write (1st draft)
  2. ‘Hack’ edit (2nd draft)
  3. Refine edit (3rd draft)
  4. Final edit (last draft)

Developing focus

  1. Analyze the question
  2. Define an argument
  3. Use evidence, reasoning and prior research
  4. Organize what you write

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