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Editing is a process of adding to and refining what you have written; careful editing is vital.

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We offer 1 to 1 tutorial service to support you in you written academic work. Each tutorial will be based around a sample of your own writing, allowing the tutor's advice to be tailored to your specific needs.

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If you are an international student, and/or English isn't your first language, you can receive help from our Editors and Proofreaders.

The difference between the almost-right word & the right word is really a large matter — it's the difference between the lightning bug & the lightning.

Mark Twain

Editing for content


Is the argument clear and consistent?


Are the connections between the sections clear?


Are your ideas planned and presented in a logical order?


Does the writing have balance?

Editing for organisation and structure


Does each paragraph have one main idea and is it expressed clearly in a topic sentence?


Are all sentences in the paragraph relevant to the main idea?


Is there a set length to a paragraph?


Is there a set length to a sentence?

Editing for expression


Are the sentences complete; do they make sense?


Is punctuation used appropriately?


Did you manually proofread the text to avoid spellcheck autocorrect mistakes?


Do your references conform to departmental guidelines?

Editing for academic style and formatting

Unless you are directed otherwise, it should also be as objective as possible (that is why ‘I’ is generally avoided), and should not use contracted forms, slang and emotionally charged words.

Finally, something that many people probably don’t pay enough attention to; editing the formatting of the document.

Does it look like it is supposed to? Does it require headings?

What is the line spacing requirement? (1.5 line spacing is ‘standard’.) Do you have a heading at the bottom of a page when it should be on the next page? Have you used an appropriate font type and size? If writing a report, do you need to have a Table of Contents – what should be in it?

Make sure you check these things against the assignment brief; they may prove the difference between a H1 and a H2.

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Recent Questions

  • Why gender based violence is still noticeable in third world countries?

    Sarah Hall: The third world countries are beset with this particular problem. Though there are existing law and regulations against this discriminatory treatment, the social, political and economic condition is highly responsible for this heinous act. The failure of women in productivity and economy, men dominated society, lack of education and poverty leads to gender based violence largely.

  • Why did Henry the (VIII) separate the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church?

    Donald Parker: Henry the VIII is well known for his role in the separation of Church of England from the Church of Rome. The possible causes were the orthodox beliefs and practices of Roman Catholics, his disagreements with the papal authority regarding the supreme head of the Church of England and to the dissolution of the monasteries. But above all he wanted to divorce Catherine and marry another woman named Ann Boleyn. And the Roman Catholic Church was the impediment to this marriage. That’s why he separated the church from Rome.

  • Do we need a sociological foundation for programming languages?

    Kevin Wilson: Sociology is the study of the whole but not in the individual level. It largely focuses on the society as a total dominating force. It shows us how languages get adopted in practice. It again informs us the habits and attitudes of certain community as a whole. So, for designing new languages, we may be needed a sociological background. And a sociological background or foundation is essential for programming languages.

  • Do we exist?

    Christopher White: Sometimes we, the human beings suffer from the existentialistic problem and a doubt is prevailing always whether we exist or not. But Rene Descartes proposes the philosophical statement cogito ergo sum, which means “I think therefore I am”. As we are the thinking machines, then we exist in this vortex of life. We can’t doubt our existence as we can think. Thinking is the process, which testifies our existence.


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